Collage 2012


Astro Collage del año 2012


M42, NGC7822 in Ha 7nm, NGC7822 SHO version, NGC7822 Wide, Saturn, Saturn LRGB Channels, Jupiter, Mars, Moon craters, NGC7000 SHO, NGC7000 in Ha, M45 Pleyades, Moon with ISS transit, Fly Me To The Moon, Venus transit over the Sun, Jupiter LRGB Channels, Moon Photography, ISS, Lightstorm, M31 Andromeda.


Takahashi FS-60CB, Takahashi CN-212, SkyWatcher ED80, SkyWatcher Maksutov 102/1300, Canon EOS350D, Canon EOS40D, EF10-22mm, Imaging Source, DMK21au04.AS, DMK21au618.AS, Philips Toucam Pro II, HEQ5, NEQ6 Pro, SkyWatcher 80/400, TeleVue TRF2008, Orion Nautilus USB FilterWheel, Starlight Xpress SV Filter Wheel 2″, ATIK 383L+, Baader LRGB set 1.25″, Baader Narrowband filters 2″, Manfrotto 055XProb, Celestron C11 XLT


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